Jerry Gentry
Frank Zipperer Photography

Photo: Sound by K&K

Jerry Gentry plays the acoustic and electric vibraphone, the xylophone, and assorted bar percussion instruments.

He was raised in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and began playing music in the mid-sixties. Amid the local country music and the omnipresent rock on FM radio, the sounds of Motown leapt out: the beat, the harmony, and the vibraphone in the foreground all contributed to his musical orientation. By fusing the disciplines of classical technique with the realities of popular music; by mixing the influences of pop, rock, and avant-garde improvisation; and by playing the vibraphone over many years in myriad settings: he has created a different dialect in the language of vibes.

The spring of 2009 saw the completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree in music composition from a college in western Maryland; and the spring of 2013 is looking at the New Vibe Ensemble, playing free improv/funk along the Eastern Seaboard. He is the author of a collection of music, theory and philosophy entitled “New Vibe Resources.”

Photo: playing with The Noiseless Ensemble, 2015

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