New Vibe Resources

A collection of music, notation, and compositional improvisation combined with the mechanics of sound production (acoustic and electric) defining an understanding of the physical and psychological dimensions involved in playing the vibraphone.


The role of the vibraphone in music has grown exponentially since its introduction into popular culture. Composers and players alike have embraced the fluid abilities of this instrument to adapt and influence all aspects of the sonic spectrum. It is from this landscape that New Vibe Resources is sprung.

The vibe is an instrument that is at home in an orchestral setting on the concert stage as well as in a small jazz club playing with any variety of instruments. The transition to larger venues and other musics can be accomplished by incorporating new information and new technology.

This collection will focus primarily on concepts of expression utilizing the skill sets of improvisation, composition, and parameters of sound: harmonic series, tone production, amplification and electronic considerations. For explanation of technique, there is no better background than “Four Mallet Studies” by Gary Burton and “Vibraphone Technique, dampening and pedaling” by David Friedman. For a thorough discussion of modern theory there is “New Musical Resources” by Henry Cowell and for symbol translation there is “Music Notation in the Twentieth Century” by Kurt Stone.

The best resource for the vibraphone has been and always will be the players.

Keep playing.

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